New baby bottles like the Pureen Streamline Feeding Bottle aim to streamline the feeding process for both baby and parent. The bottle’s flexible construction makes it comfortable for infants to hold. The innovative bottle prevents infants from getting their hands dirty while feeding themselves, a common source of parental and offspring frustration. To further aid in the prevention of wind and colic, the Pureen Streamline Feeding Bottle features a one-way valve that seals off the bottle’s opening.


Both parents and infants will appreciate the convenience of the Pureen Streamline Feeding Bottle. The bottle’s wide, curved base helps to contain spills, and the silicone nipple is comfortable for baby’s gums. The Streamline’s ergonomic shape also makes it easy for parents to hold it while feeding their child.

The Streamline has a number of advantages over standard feeding bottles because of its innovative design. Firstly, the substantial bottom will keep things from falling over during mealtimes. Second, the silicone nipple is comfortable for baby to grasp, which makes feeding time go more smoothly. Finally, it is easy for parents to grip because of the ergonomic design. Moreover, the Streamline’s curved design facilitates cleaning even even the most inaccessible crevices.

Feeding Bottle Care and Usage with the Pureen Streamline

Make sure to sterilise the Pureen Streamline Feeding Bottle before your first usage. The bottle and its contents should be boiled in water for 5 minutes. When it has cooled down, you can begin utilising it.

Feed your infant formula or breast milk from the bottle, then screw on the nipple. Make sure the nipple is pointing down so that the milk stays in the rear of the bottle while you hold it. You should hold your infant in a semi-recumbent position with your arm under their head when feeding time comes. Place the nipple in their mouth gently and allow them to sip.

Take a break and burp your baby if you hear them start to fuss. Do this by patting or rubbing their back softly while they are sitting up straight. When they’ve finished burping, you can stop giving them food.

Cleaning the bottle after your infant is done feeding is a necessary part of caring for your baby. To begin, disassemble everything and wash the parts in warm water. Before rinsing the bottle, give it a good shake to remove any leftover breast milk or formula. Wash everything in warm water with a light soap, and then rinse it all again. The components can be washed and dried in the dishwasher or left to air dry.

Pureen Streamline Feeding Bottle Nipple Options

The Pureen Streamline Feeding Bottle is compatible with a wide variety of nipples. A slow-flow nipple, intended for newborns and infants up to three months old, is the most prevalent variety. Because of the central hole in this nipple design, the infant may regulate the amount of milk that enters the mouth. Nipples are available in medium and fast flows in addition to the slow flow.

The variable-flow nipple is the next variety. The milk flow may be controlled with this nipple because of the wider opening in the middle. Any babies over the age of four months can benefit from using a variable-flow nipple.

This brings us to the final category of nipples: the cross-cut nipple. These nipples are designed to facilitate the milking process by incorporating a ring of tiny holes around its periphery. Baby’s first six months are the best time to use cross-cut nipples.

Useful Advice for Parents

You, the new parent, may have some questions about the proper usage of the Pureen Streamline Feeding Bottle. These pointers should serve as a springboard for further exploration:


The Pureen Streamline Feeding Bottle is a wonderful tool for quickly and easily providing your baby with the nourishment they require. Its ergonomic design, wide neck, non-drip valve, and leak-proof technology drastically reduces the stress of feeding time for parents. This bottle also features a convenient storage closure for keeping its contents protected and fresh in transit or storage. We hope that this post has shed light on some of the advantages of using this product.

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