Nestle Nankind Optipro is a new generation of protein powder that offers all of the benefits of whey protein without the drawbacks. It is made from a combination of four different proteins – whey, casein, egg, and soy – making it easily digestible and assisting the body in absorbing all of the nutrients it requires. Optipro also contains a variety of vitamins and minerals, making it an excellent supplement for anyone looking to improve their health and fitness.

Nestle Nankind Optipro 4 Advantages

Nestle Nankind Optipro is a new and improved baby formula that contains all of the nutrients your baby requires for healthy development. It contains OptiPro, a nutrient blend that promotes brain and eye development. It also contains DHA and ARA, two essential fatty acids for cognitive development and visual acuity. Nestle Nankind Optipro is gentle on your baby’s stomach and easy to digest.

Nestle Nankind Optipro 4 Side Effects

Nestle Nankind Optipro 4 is a baby formula that is intended to provide infants with complete nutrition. However, as with any other formula, it may have some side effects. Constipation, diarrhoea, gas, and bloating are the most common side effects. These side effects are typically minor and resolve on their own. Please consult your doctor if they persist or worsen.

Nestle Nankind Optipro 4 User Reviews

Nestle Nankind Optipro 4 is a well-known infant formula in India. Nestle, a leading global food and beverage company, manufactures it. The product is intended for infants aged 0 to 12 months and contains a combination of four different milk proteins: casein, whey, lactose, and soy. It also contains additional vitamins and minerals.

The majority of online reviews for Nestle Nankind Optipro 4 are positive. They claim it is easy to digest, causes no stomach discomfort, and that their babies thrive on it. Some parents also like that it is less expensive than other premium formulas on the market.

A few customers have complained about the product, claiming that their babies experienced gas and bloating after switching to Nestle Nankind Optipro 4. However, keep in mind that every baby is unique and will react differently to formula changes. If you are concerned about your baby’s reaction to this formula, consult with your paediatrician first.

Nestle Nankind Optipro 4 substitutes

Nestle Nankind Optipro 4 is a breast milk-like infant formula marketed by Nestle. Cow’s milk and soy protein isolate are used to make it. There are many other infant formulas on the market that are made with different ingredients, so when it comes to finding the right formula for their baby, parents have many options. Nestle Nankind Optipro 4 substitutes include:

Similac Advance is a cow’s milk and whey protein concentrate infant formula. It contains no soy protein isolate.

Enfamil Infant is a cow’s milk and whey protein concentrate infant formula. It does not also contain soy protein isolate.

Gerber Good Start Gentle: This infant formula contains hydrolyzed proteinds, making it easier for babies to digest. This formula does not contain soy protein isolate.


Nestle Nankd Optipro 4 is an infant formula that is intended to meet the nutritional needs of babies aged 6 to 12 months. It contains a variety of beneficial ingredients that can aid in the growth and development of young children, including iron, calcium, and vitamins A, D, E, and B12. However, it also contains some dubious additives that may cause side effects. Before using this product, it is critical to research the potential benefits as well as any potential side effects or user reviews associated with it.

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