The solar system, in the context of space, is a fascinating and exciting topic for young minds. They can develop an interest in science and an appreciation for inquiry by learning about the wonders of the solar system and beyond.

Toy planets from the solar system provide a tactile introduction to the cosmos, enhancing their learning experience. Here, we’ll take a look at some of the most exciting and informative toys for kids about the solar system planets that you can buy in 2023.

Solar System Planetarium Kits

Planetarium kits provide an excellent hands-on learning environment for kids to explore the solar system. In order to simulate the night sky, these kits typically comprise a dome projector, a light source, and a set of celestial discs.

Stars, constellations, and planets can be projected onto the ceiling of a child’s bedroom using a solar system planetarium kit, creating a magical visual experience. Some kits even include audio guides that teach you intriguing information about each planet as you explore.

3D Planet Models:

3D planet models are great for giving students more of a hands-on education. All the major planets in our solar system are usually included in this model kit. These models, crafted from long-lasting materials with an eye toward detail, provide kids a chance to learn about the planets’ unique physical qualities.

For a more in-depth examination of the planet’s structure and composition, some models include detachable elements like the core or rings. Having a physical model of the planets in our solar system can improve spatial comprehension and spark creativity.

Solar System Mobiles

Mobiles depicting the solar system are a beautiful and educational way to decorate a child’s room. The planets in these mobiles are usually lifelike in size and detail, and they are hanging in a pattern meant to evoke the solar system.

Children can learn about the sequence and relative distances of the planets while enjoying the aesthetic appeal of a solar system mobile. In the dark, the LED lights on some mobiles create a captivating display that adds to the overall atmosphere.

Interactive Planet Apps

Educational toys that feature interactive planet apps have risen in popularity in the digital age. These programs, accessible via download on mobile devices, provide students with a dynamic and engaging educational experience.

Virtual tours, interactive quizzes, and augmented reality elements allow kids to learn about the solar system in a fun and engaging way. Gamified features included in several apps make studying more interesting and fun.

Kids can explore the wonders of the universe wherever they go with the help of interactive planet applications.

Space-themed LEGO Sets

LEGO sets have always been popular with kids, and now they can learn while they play with space-themed kits. As a multipurpose teaching aid, space-themed LEGO sets frequently feature spaceships, astronauts, and planet models.

Kids may construct their own spacecraft, rockets, and even the International Space Station. These sets inspire curiosity in space travel while developing critical thinking, spatial comprehension, and dexterity.

Astronomical Telescopes

For children with a deeper fascination for the cosmos, an astronomical telescope can provide an unparalleled experience. Child-friendly telescopes come with simplified controls and sturdy construction, making them suitable for young astronomers.

With a telescope, children can observe the moon, planets, and stars, gaining a firsthand experience of the wonders of the night sky. Some telescopes even include software that helps identify celestial objects, further enriching the learning experience.


The solar system presents a captivating world for children to explore and learn. By incorporating solar system planet toys into their playtime, children can develop an understanding and appreciation for the cosmos.

Whether it’s a planetarium kit, a 3D model, a mobile, an interactive app, a LEGO set, or an astronomical telescope, each toy offers a unique approach to learning about the solar system. Consider the interests and age of your child when selecting a toy, and watch as their curiosity and imagination soar among the planets and stars.

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